The eleventh defibrillator in memory of Valerio Avesani

It was placed where the ex-mayor conceived the cardio-protected city

“We put it here, inside the building, in the corridor near the Nova Systems entrance, as Valerio Avesani would have wished, so that it would be accessible to everyone at any time and day of the year, even when the company is closed”. This is how Ivano Avesani, brother of the mayor of San Martino, co-owner of the company that creates Cloud-based software for the management of international transport and freight forwarding companies, for logistics and customs operators, presented the new defibrillator located on the first floor of the building that houses the Verona Est shopping centre, near the motorway exit.

“Dad had started in 2014, with Dr Sergio Barbieri and the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria hospital in Negrar, the ‘”cardio-protected City” project, allocating 40 defibrillators to as many municipal administrations, which thus received the impulse to start up and develop the use of this life-saving instrument,” explained Barbara Avesani, who is involved in the company and in volunteering with the Croce Verde . “We had also promised to realise this dream of my father’s, and I am happy that it is now on the doorstep of the company he created, but is also available to the operators working in the entire shopping centre and to the many people who gravitate here,” she added.

The defibrillator is kept in a case with an alarm to discourage vandalism and is a geo-localised instrument: this means that anyone who does not know of its existence is guided by the 118 operators to its location, as it is marked on the rescue maps. “Its use should not be frightening; on the contrary, it is a tool that should be used in case of need, because statistics inform us that 70 per cent of cardiac arrests occur when another person who could intervene is present, but only in 15 per cent of the cases the correct life-saving manoeuvres are applied, which could radically change the outcome of the attack,” Barbara concluded, announcing that the company will mobilise for a four-hour course, useful for those who want to be trained in the use of the tool.




«We now have eleven defibrillators installed throughout the municipality»

announced Mayor Franco De Santi before cutting the inauguration ribbon, “and it is an obligation for us to continue the mission in which Valerio strongly believed. “I hope that many more similar realities attentive to prevention and health will be born,” concluded the mayor, thanking Nova Systems for the sensibility and availability shown.


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